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Welcome to Crystal Couture's Ladies Fashion, Womens Shoes, Ladies Handbags & Womens Accessories online store / shop Cardiff & London - UK!     


We are a Welsh / Celtic / British (Cardiff & London, UK & Great Britain) based Designer Crystal Fashion House that uses Swarovski Crystal Elements in most of our Ladies Shoes or Handbags or Jewellery & Accessories, although we do also use some Rhinestones, and AB Crystals as well as Diamantes and other crystal embellishments.


SWarovski Elements Logo - Designer Swarovski Elements Decorated Ladies Fashion Accessories



Here at Crystal Couture Ladies Fashion House we are involved in:

  • Ladies Crystal Shoes & Accessories - Product Design / Shoe designers,
  • Ladies Crystal Shoe & Accessory manufacturer - Shoe Manufacturing,
  • Ladies Crystal Shoes & Accessory online retailer - Online Bridal & Occasion Shoes & Accessory Retailers  
  • Ladies Crystal Bridal, Wedding, Evening & Occasion Shoes & Accessories Wholesale - Shoes & Accessory wholesalers / wholesale of Designer Luxury Crystal Wedding or Bridal, Evening or Ladies Designer or Ladies Evening Wear shoes plus Beauty Pageant or Prom or Party or Ball & Ballroom Dancing shoes as well as Red Carpet Event or Award Ceremony & Special Occasion Shoes plus Handbags or Clutchbags and Purses & Sparkly Dress Jewellery or matching Accessories.

You need to visit our Online Shop Pages (The first 16 Pages below the Home Page) to shop online for our ladies fashion accessory items.  Our Designer "Elite" Collection (Highlighted in Pink) can be purchased online or you can use the following link :


If you would like to Follow us on Twitter (@sparklycouture) or Facebook (Crystal Couture), One of our blogs (  or YouTube (IWantCrystalCouture Channel) for info about events we attend and offers/promotions we are running or you want to See Video of our shoes, please click on one of the following links:

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PayPal Logo - You can buy & Pay online on my website

We specialise in Swarovski Crystal or Diamante and Rhinestone as well as other crystal Wedding Shoes plus Bridal Heels or Heelz for Brides / Platforms for Weddings / Wedding Dress Shoes as well as,  Prom Shoes & High Heels for Prom.  We also provide Party Shoes and Sweet16 Shoes / Sweet 16 Heels or Ladies Evening Wear Low Heels or Ladies Sandels as well Ladies Fashion plus Ladies Evening Wear or Evening Accessories or Red Carpet Shoes or Fashion for Red Carpet plus Heels for Red Carpets or Award Ceremonies or High Heel Fashion shoes for Award Ceremonies & Special Occasion Heels or Platforms for Special Occasions.  We can provide shoes suitable for all big occasions and special events as well as matching crystal, diamante or rhinestone as well as crystal clutchbags or handbags plus bags or clutches or purses and Jewellery / Jewelry & Accessories or Accessory items!


 Crystal Couture Bridal Wedding Shoes


Special Occasion Luxury Accessories for Weddings or Bridal as well as Evening occasions - from Cardiff, Wales & London, England based UK / British Designer

Our Designer Luxury Wedding shoes / Bridal Heels & Evening Accessories are sutiable for Ladies Big Nights Out (Evening shoes) or Summer Balls / Christmas Balls as well as Ladies Racing days plus Christmas Parties and Sweet 16 birthday celebrations or Beauty Pageants and Red Carpet Events or Graduations as well as Balls or Award Ceremony's or Hen weekends and other special occasions in any of the Uk's largest British Cities including London or Manchester as well as Birmingham, Liverpool, or Cardiff and Leeds plus Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh or Swansea and Dublin and Reading or Bristol and anywhere else in the UK or abroad.


Designer Luxury Bridal Prom Wedding Evening Ladies Special Occasion Shoes coveredd with Swarovski crystals


Our Crystal Fashion Accessory, Shoes, Handbags, Clutchbags, Bags, Jewellery, Jewelry & Accessories Fashion Collections:

For Bridal Shoes / Wedding Heels / Evening Platforms / Ladies Stiletoes & Other Fashion & Accessory Items, we have three Collections:

  • The Platinum Fashion Collection - Bridal Shoes or Wedding Heels plus Evening Platforms or Occasion High Heels & Ladies Fashion & Handbag or Clutch bags or Bag & Purse Collection.
  • The Elite Designer Luxury Fashion & Accessory Collection - Wedding Shoe or Evening Heels plus Ocassion Shoes & Ladies Accessory & Handbag or Clutch bag plus Bag & Purses Collection &
  • The Lilly & Lace Vintage Bridal Shoe Collection - A Vintage or Traditional Bridal Shoe and Wedding Heels collection for Brides;


1. In our Platinum Fashion Collection we offer Wedding Shoes and Evening Heels or Occasion Platforms plus Red Carpet & Ladies Fashion collection we offer shoes from £60 to £225. This is a bespoke Bridal & Wedding or Evening plus Ladies Occasion or Red Carpet Shoes Handbags or Bags plus Jewellery & Accessories collection and we can offer shoes and bags in over 60 different colours including the popular White & Ivory and also other popular colours such as Black or Silver, Gold and Pink or Red as well as different colour Blues etc. We provide clutch bags & purses and handbags to match from £40 to £80 and the shoes can be made to your own specific requirements with your own sizes from UK adult 2 to 9, your own colour plus additional crystal detailing and your preferred Heel height. The shoes take 8 to 12 weeks to be made or customised. The shoes also come with a special non slip sole.

We have over 20 Designs in our Platinum Collection including the Popular:

  • Crystal Slipper - Crystal Peeptoe Bridal & Wedding or Evening and Occasion  Ladies Shoes or Prom Heels
  • Prom Fairy Shoes or Bedazzled Bridal or Ladies Evening Heels,
  • Something Blue Bridal or Wedding Heelz,
  • Twinkly Star Vintage Bridal Heels
  • Crystal Snow Drops Platform Evening or Bridal High Heels,
  • Prom Fairy Shoes for Prom &
  • Glamour Puss Evening or Bridal Stiletoes -

Please see main Bridal Wedding Section and main Handbags section for product & pricing info on this fashion collection -


2. In our Elite Designer Luxury Fashion Collection we offer Wedding Shoes plus Evening Heels or Occasion Platforms and Ladies Fashion and Handbags or Bags or Purse Collection.  We offer shoes from £325 to £550 (although there is currentlyt up to 30% off in our Spring Sale / Clearance Sale.

This is a high end Luxury Bridal & Wedding or Evening, Occasion and Ladies Evening & Designer Red Carpet Shoe Collection and we have Clutch bags to match. The clutches range from £110 to £195 and are mostly in White or Swarovski Crystal. These shoes are only available in UK Adult sizes 4 to 8 and in White or Ivory but are available via next day delivery (if requested) whilst stocks last. The shoes are made to a very High Finish and have a fine Italian Leather Sole and are decorated with the finest Top Swarovski crystals. These shoes come with a 3 inch heel.

We have 6 Luxurious Designs of Bridal / Wedding / Evening / Occasion / Ladies / Red Carpet Shoes in our Luxury Designer "Elite" fashion collection including:

  • The Crystal Slipper Elite Wedding / Evening or Red Carpet Heels,
  • Yona Bridal or Pageant Ladies Evening Shoes,
  • Yona Slingback Shoes for Weddings or Brides and Prom & Pageants or Red Carpet Events & Award Ceremonies,
  • High Society Bridal & Occasion or Evening Slingbacks,
  • Glitz & Glamour Wedding and Prom or Red Carpet and Ladies Evening Low Heels,
  • High Society Bridal or Wedding plus Ladies Evening and Occasion Shoes &
  • Cinderella Wedding or Bridal as well as Red Carpet or Evening and Occasion Slingbacks.

You need to go to the Elite Collection Section to see these Designer Wedding Bridal Evening Shoes & Bags.

3. The Lilly & Lace Collection is a Vintage or Traditional Bridal Wedding Shoe Collection which come in white or Ivory and all cost £125 or under.  Most shoes are under £100.

We have 6 Vintage Designs in Our collection including (5 styles under £100):

  • Vintage Crystal Bow (£125),
  • Vintage Bow(£95.00),
  • Vintage Rose (£99.50)
  • Vintage Ruffles (£99.50)
  • Vintage Lilly (£99.50)
  • Vintage Crystal Lace (£99.50)

 Crystal Couture Vintage or Traditional Bow Shoes

These ivory or white vintage bridal shoes or wedding Heels are customisable as you can choose your preferred size from UK adult 2 to 9, and you can request any heel height from 0.5 inches to 4 inches. These shoes come with the special non slip sole. See the Main Bridal Shoe Collection - looking for the Vintage Shoes page -


We ship our Wedding and Bridal or Evening and Occasion Ladies Red Carpet High & Low Heels nationally & internationally to all locations including:

  • London and Manchester or Birmingham plus Cardiff or Bristol and Liverpool, Edinburgh and Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle or Reading and Hampshire plus Kent or Surrey and Essex or Dublin & Belfast and all over the UK & Ireland 
  • As well as all over Europe - The Nordic Region including Nordics & Scandanavia, with Norway and Sweden plus Finland and Denmark as well as France including Paris and Lille and St Tropez plus Italy including Milan & Rome plus Pissa as well as Spain including Madrid & Barcelona,
  • And all around the world including America / USA - Texas plus California and New York or Chicargo as well as Boston, Dallas and La or Las vegas plus Nevada & Florida including Miami and also Sydney or Canberra or Melbourne in Australia and Montreal or Vancouver in Canada or Christchurch & Wellington or Auckland in New Zealand & all over the Middle & Far East including China and Hong Kong or Bali, Dubai & Quatar in UAE).


Wedding Industry & Business Awards:

Crystal Couture / IWantCrystalCouture from Cardiff, Wales & London, England (UK & GB), Europe has recently been recognised by some of the Bridal Industries most prestigous Award Shows including:

  • Bridal Buyer Awards - Finalists in the "Shoe Collection of the Year" Category 2011

  • & Wedding Ideas Awards 2012 - Finalists in the "Best Shoes" Category.

Bridal Buyer Awards 2011 - Crystal Couture Finalist of 2011 Best Shoe Collecxtion of the Year         Finalists of Wedding Ideas Awards          Welsh Women Mean Business Awards

Crystal Couture / IWantCrystalCouture has been selected as finalist for Bridal Buyer's 2011 Shoe Colection of the Year - UK ( & as Finalists in the Wedding Ideas Awards 2012 in the Best Shoes category - Also UK.

Owner & Designer Yona from Cardiff, Wales has also been a Finalist in Welsh Women in Business Awards for Best New Comer & Best Manufacturer Categories. 

Crystal Couture / IWantCrystalCouture is a small family run business from Cardiff, Wales & London, England in the UK / GB,  that is making waves in the Bridal Wedding Industry & Special Occasion Accessory Industry.  It is run by Welsh / British owner, designer & entreprenuer Yona Armstrong, who is a mum of three young children, and Yona will always ensure that you sparkle and shine on any special occasion, by designing shoes, bags & accessories that are on-trend, well made, original and made bespoke to your requirements.   


Luxury or Luxurious Designer Wedding / Bridal Fashion & Accessories  from the Uk, Europe

You can buy Designer Crystal Wedding or Bridal Heels online - We offer Satin wedding / bridal shoes in up to 60 different colours in most designs (no need for dyeable), including:

  • Silve or Gold and Ivory or White plus Pink or Cream, Brown or Red or Purple and Blue as well as Orange or yellow or Green and Black or Crystal coloured as well as many other colours. 

All our Bridal shoes or embellished with Swarovski crystals, diamantes or other rhinestone or sparkly embellishments.  They our suitable for Bride, Bridesmaids and Flowergirls and we also have shoes suitable for mother of the bride too.  We offer shoes in Adult sizes from 2 to 9 and also in all childrens sizes for flowergirls / flower girls or young bridesmaids.  We offer heel sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and also offer complete flats in some designs meaning you can have killer heels or comfortable flat low heels.


New UK Designer Shoes:

Sparkly Bridal Prom Evening Ladies Special Occasion Shoes - Cinderella Slingback Shoes

Cinderella Bridal Prom Occasion Shoes just £325.00 - Click to Buy online now!

New Elite Collection - Designer Luxury Shoes & Clutch Range from UK

New for July 2011 - Crystal Couture launches a brand new high end designer luxury range of Crystal Shoes for Weddings, Proms, Pageants, Red Carpet Events, Award Ceremonies and other Special Occasions. Made from the best satins, the shoes are covered in the finest swarovski crystals and come with an Italian leather sole.  The shoes are finished to a very high luxurious standard and must be seen to be appreciated.  The heels also come in a very high end designer gift box.


New UK Designer Luxury Crystal Bridal Boots & UGG Style Love Australia Boots:


Bridal Boots


Buy UK Designer Luxury Bridal Boots and bridal handbags / clutchbags online:  As well as offering wedding or bridal shoes we also offer bridal boots and bridal handbags.  You can have ankle, knee length or thigh length boots in Satin or Lace or Leather with crystals our without crystals or diamantes.  You can also have satin or silk styled box & bridal pouches or clutchbags or purses and handbags covered in all sorts of crystals, diamantes and other sequins, pearls and beads or other embellishments.  We also offer Comfortable Winter Ugg Style Love Australia Boots, With Just Married on them.


UK / Welsh / English Designer Luxury Heels for All Brides - including Church Weddings or Asian Weddings and Big Fat Gypsey Weddings or Beach Weddings including Vintage Weddings


Our shoes are very popular with all types of Brides so whether your having a church wedding or Civil ceremony, Asian Wedding or even Big Fat Gypsey Wedding or any other type of wedding please take a look at my range. 


UK /Welsh Designer Luxury Prom Shoes (Party or Ball and Sweet16 birthday celebration Ladies Evening shoes)

Buy Designer Prom accessories online: We offer Satin prom shoes in up to 60 different colours in most designs (no need for dyeable prom shoes), including:

  • Silver & Crystal or Pink and Black, or Ivory or Cream or White plus Gold or Red and Purple or Turquoise or Aqua Blue or Brown as well as Green or Yellow and many other colours. 

All our Prom Heels or embellished with Swarovski crystals, diamantes or other rhinestone and sparkly embellishments.  They are suitable for girls of all shapes, ages and sizes.  We offer our High or Low Heels in Adult sizes from 2 to 9 and also in childrens sizes too.  We offer heel sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and also offer complete flats in some designs meaning you can have killer heels or comfortable flat Prom shoes.

UK / Welsh Designer Hen Shoes - Sexy shoes for your Hen party

Buy Designer Hen Shoes online:  If your looking for sexy and fun heels for your Hen night we have many options for you to consider.  Take a look at our Glamour Puss Ladies Evening wear fluffy and fun fashion shoes.


Glamourous Red Fluffy Hen Party Shoes


UK / Welsh Designer Ladies Evening Wear heels

Buy Designer Ladies Evening Wear / Summer Ball / Christmas Ball /Christmas Party Night / Ladies Racing day shoes online: We have many ladies heels suitbale to accessorise any colour Ladies Evening wear, Ladies Racing day oufit, Christmas Party dress or Ball gown.  If you want Black or Silver, White or Pink and Gold or other coloured Ladies Evening shoes please visit our online shop and buy online. 


UK / Welsh Designer Sweet 16 Heels

Buy Designer Sweet 16 shoes online:  If you or your daughter are celebrating their sweet 16 or other special birthday soon and you want a special pair of shoes to mark the occasion then look no further.  Try our Crystal Slipper, Crystal Snow Drop, Cinderella or Glamour puss ranges.  They are all available in many colours so our sure to be able to accompany any dress.   All our Sweet 16 shoes or embellished with Swarovski crystals, diamantes or other embellishments.  Our sweet 16 shoes our suitable for girls of all shapes, ages and sizes.  We offer the sweet 16 shoes in Adult sizes from 2 to 9 and also in childrens sizes too.  We offer heel sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and also offer complete flats in some designs meaning you can have killer heels or comfortable flat sweet 16 shoes.


UK / Welsh Designer Luxury Beauty Pageant Shoes

Designer High Fashion Beauty Pageant / Miss World shoes online:  If you require Glam, crystal covered sparkly shoes to ensure you stand out in your next Beauty Pageant or Miss World Event then look no further.  All our Beauty Pageant shoes or embellished with Swarovski crystals, diamantes or other embellishments.  Our Beauty Pageant shoes our suitable for girls of all shapes, ages and sizes.  We offer Beauty Pageant shoes in Adult sizes from 2 to 9 and also in childrens sizes too.  We offer heel sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and also offer complete flats in some designs meaning you can have killer heels or comfortable flat Pageant Low Heels.


UK / Welsh Fashion - Special Event - Red Carpet - Award Ceremony Shoes

Major Event / Fashion Event / Red Carpet Event / Award Ceremony & Special Occasion shoes online:  If your looking for special high fashion or designer shoes for that special occasion then we are sure to be able to help you.  All our special occasion, award ceremony or red carpet shoes or embellished with Swarovski crystals, diamantes or other embellishments.  Our special occasion, award ceremony, red carpet event shoes our suitable for girls, woman and ladies of all shapes, ages and sizes.  We offer our shoes in Adult sizes from 2 to 9 and also in childrens sizes too.  We offer heel sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and also offer complete flats in some designs meaning you can have killer heels or comfortable flat special occasion shoes.


UK / Welsh Designer Luxury Handbags - Clutchbags & Purses

As well as offering shoes we also offer handbags, clutch bags, purses, bags and pouches for Weddings and Bridal or Prom and Ladies Racing days plus Balls or Parties and Award Ceremonies plus Red carpet events and other special occassions.  We have White or Black and Pink & Blue plus Purple as well as Gold & Silver handbags, clutch bags and purses that are suitable for any glamourous christmas or holiday party you might be attending with colours to match any outfit.  We also offer many other coloured bags with up to 60 colours on offer.


Designer Luxury Handbags / ClutchbagsCheryl Cole Wearing Crystal Couture Zig Zag Bag



Breath Taking Glamour from Cardiff, Wales & London, England - UK Designers

All my shoe and handbag designs offer breath taking glamour and those covered in crystals will definatley catch the eye when each crystal twinkles, sparkles & shimmers with every movement.


Swarovski Crystals & Rhinestones offer Bling, Bling Sparkly, Glimmer & Shine

All our shoes and handbags are exclusively designed using swarovski crystals as well as rhinestones, diamantes and glitter plus sequins or other embellishments.


High Quality Manufacturing Process using the Finest Materials or Sparkliest Crystals

We make our shoes and clutchbags or purses using a variety of materials including silk, leather, satin and lace and in a variety of colours including our popular colours; pink or white and ivory or cream plus blue, purple, black and grey or silver and gold although I can do up to 60 different colours so no need for dye-able wedding shoes, dyeable prom shoes or dyeable ladies evening shoes.  Each shoe, bag or other item is unique in design and handmade by our team of specialist, using swarovski crystals, rhinestones and other diamantes to add to the item to come up with the different designs.


Innovative Designs from UK Designer - Dorothy's Reby Slippers - Wizard of Oz, Sex in the City style shoes, Catherines Shoes etc.

As well as the crystal wedding shoes, or Ivory bridal shoes and colourful party shoes and Ladies evening shoes we also offer stylish and fun prom or party and sweet16 birthday shoes.   We have also designed and manufactured some innovative and uniquely designed shoes, including the very popular Red Ruby Slippers, like Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz or over the rainbow programme (now popular as Red Bridal shoes in 2012),  as well as the Gold Glitter Sex in the City 2 Shoes, a shoe similar to the one worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's (SJP) character Carrie Bradshaw in the Hit movie, the new "Catherine Something Blue" Bridal Bedazzled shoe (as recommended for Kate Middletons Wedding to Prince of Wales/Prince William), which is a white, ivory or cream shoe, with a blue glitter heel so that brides have the something blue for their big day and the even newer "Georgies Angel" White satin bride shoe with feather Angel wing.


Dorothys Ruby Red Slipper - Red Crystal Slippers


Shoes for all Prices, Budgets (affordable, discounted, great value for money)

Alot of our wedding dress bridal ladies evening wear shoes or Asian Bridal shoes and Christmas ball or Christmas party and ladies racing day and prom Heels are under £100 except for our signature crystal shoes, (Crystal Slipper, Cinderella Shoe, Crystal Platform Peep Toe,  Red Ruby Slipper, the New Sex in the City 2 shoes, the even newer Georgies Angel shoe and the other sparkly / swarovski shoes in the range) which range from £155 - £225 as well as our Elite Designer collection which are £230 to £550.


No need to dye them - Shoes in all Colours and in Small or Large Sizes

Our shoes are bespoke to order, are not dyed but some are dyeable.  They are available with high heels or with no heel (flat wedding shoes).  They can be comfortable with small, low heels are made with any heel hight to require.   We offer small wedding shoes in a size 1 or 2 up to large wedding shoes in a size 8 or 9. 


Pay online for Bridesmaid or Flower-Girl Shoes from the UK, Cardiff - Wales

Our Wedding and Bridal plus Prom Bridesmaid flower-girl or party or summer ball and Sweet 16 ladies evening wear shoes are usually delivered in under 8 weeks but can take a little longer in peak times.  If your order is time specific or urgent please give details prior to agreeing the order and making payment online.  We accept payment online using pay-pal or you can send us a cheque. 


Buy online or email for special requests or bespoke requirements - UK Shoes

If you have any enquiries, want to order something (buy our shoes online) or have any special requests please email:  We sell our Wedding and Bridal or Evening, Ball and Sweet 16 plus Prom shoes online and ship internationally and all over the UK.


Stockists Around the UK & Ireland - Do you want wholesale or to try some shoes on somewhere?

Although we usually sell our shoes, boots and clutchbags online but you can also find us in a number of large retail stores in their wedding services sections as well as a number of bridal shops, Bridal shoe stores and Ladies fashion boutiques. We have glass display cabinets in 4 major Debenhams stores and you can find our cabinets in the wedding services section.  The 4 department stores we are currently on display in glass cabinets at are: The Trafford Centre in Manchester, St Davids Arcade in Cardiff City Centre, The Quadrant in Swansea City Centre & Oxford Street, London.   You can also find our items on sale in Stockists in Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland & Australia, where you can go and try on our shoes and buy them, along with your wedding dress or ladies evening wear.  For more info please email .


UK / GB Designer offering National & International Shipping around the world

When you buy our bridal shoes or wedding shoes and shoes for brides, bridesmaids, flower-girl, and motb as well as our prom, party, summer and fresher ball shoes or Sweet 16 and Stripper shoes or evening shoes, boots or clutchbags or handbags online we can ship international including:

  • Anywhere in the UK including England or Wales and Scotland and Ireland or Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland including the big cities London and Birmingham plus Coventry and Nottingham and Derby as well as Manchester and Bristol plus Newcastle and Leeds and Edinburgh or Glasgow plus Aberdeen, Cardiff and Swansea or Newport and Liverpool or Brighton and Bournemouth or Southampton or Porstmouth and Exeter on the south coast plus Salisbury or Reading, Swindon and Oxford on the m4 corridor and Winchester plus Belfast & Dublin plus Essex and Surrey and Kent or Lancashire plus Yorkshire  & Cheshire.
  • As well as anywhere around Europe including France and Belgium or Netherlands and Finland plus Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  There's also Germany and Spain and Italy plus Portugal and Greece, Belgium, Switzerland plus Luxembourg as well as Estonia, Latvia, Russia and not forgetting The Nordics and Scandanavia. 
  • We also ship to the Rest of the World including USA and Canada or Australia and New Zealand as well as Dubai, Hong Kong or China and Japan plus anywhere else in the world.


Shoe in many colours - if you don't see your required colour please ask?


Please order early at Christmas to avoid dissapointment  (8 weeks before)-

See also Shoe Voucher Certificates

For Christmas orders, when buying online please leave up to 12 weeks for bespoke shoe items, however if you require shoes and especially clutchbags, purses or handbags or other items in a shorter time please let me know as some items can be guaranteed more quickly.  You can also buy a gift certificate which can be spent within 12 months of purchase should that be easier.  These come gift wrappend for that special loved one.

Wholesale Wedding Shoes - Wholesale Prom Shoes -

Wholesale Evening Shoes - Wholesale Jewellery & Accessories

As well as offering our items for retail online via our online shoe shop (online bridal shop) we also offer wholesale bridal shoes and wholesale wedding shoes plus wholesale prom shoes and evening shoes plus wholesale crystal shoes, bridal boots, clutch bags and wedding and prom purses.  We also offer wholesale flower-girl shoes and bridesmaid shoes plus asian wedding shoes, sweet 16 shoes, party shoes and wedding heels & wedding shoes & bags to a few SELECT partners, please email for more details.

We currently have apprx 20 stockists around the UK & Ireland as well as in Australia inclusding - South Wales, South West Wales & South East Wales as well as North East, South Coast and South East of England and our first International Stockist in the Republic of Ireland/Eire and our 2nd in Australia.  We are looking for a select number of stockists or retailers around the whole of the UK as well as in Europe, USA and Canada or Australia and New Zealand or South Africa and the rest of the world, so if your interested in wholesale prices, drop shipping or anything else please let us know?

Gypsey Weddings if you are looking for that special sparkly swarvoski crystal covered shoe for your Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, for the bride, bridemaid or mother of the bride then let us take care of your needs.  We can also offer sparkly crystal covered shoes for Gypsey / Traveller communion childrens shoes.



UK / Online Gifts for Her - Valentines day gifts - Anniversary gifts / Gift vouchers -

Gifts for the Wife  - UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Eire)

Christmas Presents for Her online:  If you are after a special christmas present for that special lady in your life, whether it's a Christmas present for your wife or a christmas present for your girlfriend, a christmas present for your mother or a christmas present for your daughter, sister or friend, Crystal Couture is sure to be able to provide something special for a Christmas or Holiday present. We are sure to have designer shoes, boots or handbags (clutchbags / purses) that are suitable for girls / ladies / woman of all ages.  Also all items come gift wrapped ready to give.  This would be a Christmas present that she is sure to love.  You can also buy a gift certificate which can be spent within 12 months of purchase should that be easier.  These come gift wrapped for that special loved one.

Valentine Presents for her online: 

  If you are after a special Valentine presents for that special lady in your life, whether its a Valentine present for your wife or girlfriend.  You can also buy a gift certificate which can be spent within 12 months of purchase should that be easier.  These come gift wrapped for that special loved one.